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Protinol: Avon's Game Changing Skincare Techology

7 days is all you need to get the best version of your skin. Unlock this secret now! Clinical trials reveal 100% proven results! Collagen makes up about 80% of the skin and is a crucial element for building proteins. But by the time one turns 25, the skin begins to lose this key element. As the skin loses more collagen over time, it becomes harder for the skin to stay smooth and plump. For decades, global beauty brand Avon has innovated with technology that set the benchmark for skincare. This year, the company’s latest innovation is the breakthrough skin-care product Anew Renewal Serum, which promises healthier and future-proof skin in just 7 days. The Anew Renewal Serum harnesses the power of Protinol , a world-exclusive formula that works way quicker, gentler, and more effective than retinol, the previous benchmark in the category. Protinol is designed to strengthen the skin’s foundation with a unique double collagen boost, restoring two types of collagen—collagen 1 and collagen 3

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