Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thirst For More This 2015 With Summit Natural Drinking Water

New Year is always exciting. It’s a new beginning and the time to get started on the things we’ve always wanted to do. However, for most of us, it has become a discouraging practice because once the year ends, we see more of the things we were not able to do rather than the things we have accomplished.

But don’t allow 2015 to be just like the years before. Instead, be determined to go beyond your limits and truly thirst for more. Here are a few ways to start your 2015 right.

Write down your goals. Putting things in writing gives you a definitive, concrete look on the things you want. You can even create a vision board to view on a daily basis to inspire and remind you of what you want to do.

Replace bad habits with good ones. If one of your goals is to quit a specific habit (i.e., eating junk food), don’t focus on stopping; refocus your goal on developing a new habit instead. Choose to add value to your life instead of taking something away, which will change the way you see things and eventually achieve your goals.

Find a success buddy. It’s true that the more accountable you are to someone, the more encouraged you are to accomplish your goals. Celebrating successes as a team is also more encouraging compared with celebrating it alone.

Challenge yourself. The only way to change your life is to go beyond what is expected of you. It’s important to change your routine and try new things. If you want 2015 to be greater than the previous years, thirst for more and expect bigger and better things for yourself as well.

Encouraging you to thirst for more this year is Summit Natural Drinking Water. A long-time partner of the country’s top athletes, Summit is on a mission to encourage non-athletes to also embrace the fitness lifestyle. With Summit, you can be the person you can be and live the life you’ve always wanted. With Summit, the options are just limitless.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Power Up and Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

The coming holiday season can be both exhilarating and tiring at the same time. To be able to enjoy the season’s festivities fully, it is important to stay healthy all throughout the “ber” months. 

 Get enough sleep. The holiday season is filled with parties and reunions but don't use this as an excuse to scrimp on sleep. Sleep is the secret to good health, there's no other way around it. If you wish to have energy to enjoy the season, sleep is essential. To be your best, make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Dance and move. The season also means one thing: a lot of eating. Don't deprive yourself but allow yourself to enjoy the season by working out. Don't wait until January to start on your fitness goals; start with something small like walking or even dancing in your living room. Stay hydrated with the help of Summit Natural Drinking Water. Summit is filled with minerals that help you concentrate on your tasks while at the same time hydrating you to be prepared for anything this season.

Power up. If you can't avoid the late nights, make sure you're powered up with Cobra Energy Drink. Cobra Energy Drink is the number one energy drink in the Philippines and contains carbohydrates and B vitamins for that extra push of energy one needs this time of the year.

Detoxify after the excesses. Juicing, fasting, and other detoxification methods are not ideal during the holidays, especially with all the extravagant meals. One way to help clean out impurities from the body is with Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water. Trusted by moms to provide the safest and cleanest water for the family, it also helps hydrate and cleanse your body despite the excesses of the season.
Loosen up and enjoy life’s moments. The real secret to good health is joy and you will have many opportunities to experience it this season. Load up on the memories while enjoying sweet saya moments with Sunkist Carbonated Juice (CJ) Drink. Sunkist CJ is a carbonated juice drink that offers full-flavored, real fruit taste that perfectly complements the sweetness of the season. The holidays are also the perfect time to let lose and take the plunge with another holiday favorite, Nestea in a Bottle. It’s the refreshing goodness you’ve loved in a convenient bottle that’s easy to take anytime, anywhere.

Friday, November 21, 2014

P20 Chicken Fingers Blowout As T.G.I. Friday Turns 20 On December 11

Celebrate T.G.I. Friday’s 20 years in the country through an anniversary blowout happening on December 11 at all its branches nationwide. Come hungry on the said date and enjoy T.G.I. Friday’s perennial best-seller, Chicken Fingers, for only P20! This one-day promo is the restaurant’s way of saying “thank you” to all its customers and their continued support through the years.

Hand-battered chicken tenders, golden fried and served with crispy seasoned fries and a dip of honey mustard dressing, Friday’s Chicken Fingers is a certified guest favorite – a must-order dish from the restaurant’s menu of American-style comfort food served in generous portions.

It has been 20 years since the American casual dining restaurant opened its very first store in the country in Glorietta 3. Fifteen locations and numerous recognitions later – including a Grand Store of the Year award given out by Ayala Malls this year – T.G.I. Friday’s continues to deliver on its promise of “In Here It’s Always Friday!” by constantly improving its menu, raising the bar in customer service and creating a happy dining experience for its guests.

Its innovative and hip approach to casual dining has kept the fun spirit at T.G.I. Friday’s, known for staging one of the most spectacular bartending competitions in the world. In addition to its world-famous bartenders, T.G.I. Friday’s is also the best place to chow down superb American food, from its signature burgers, mouthwatering steaks, Jack Daniel Grill specialties to pastas, salads, and decadent desserts.

Aside from offering big, bold flavors, the restaurant is also a popular watering hole for people who want to unwind and enjoy a round or two of after-work drinks. The bar is always fully stocked with an amazing selection of premium beers, wines and spirits; it also serves cocktails, smoothies and refreshing fruit mixes with a kick.

To date, T.G.I. Friday’s has 16 stores in Metro Manila and in key cities across the country. The newest branch recently opened at the Fairview Terraces Mall with a 150-seating capacity and features the brand’s new and more modern vibe.

The P20 Chicken Fingers offer is available on December 11, 2014 from 11 am to 4 pm with a minimum purchase of Php250 per person.

Visit the nearest T.G.I. Friday’s and celebrate the restaurant’s 20 years in the country with great food, good company and fun times.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PH Welcomes Fine Supplements From JP; Launches New Potent Collagen Drink

Among most Asians, the Japanese are considered to possess not just flawless and youthful skin, but also live well beyond their years, with a longevity that is probably the envy of others.

It is a good thing that Filipinos can now also enjoy the benefits of not just looking young, feeling young and moving young as these same secrets are brought to the Philippines by FINE Japan Co., Ltd.

Established in 1974, FINE Japan Co., Ltd. is a nutraceutical company with a reputation to manufacture, research and develop excellent beauty and wellness supplement products that help restore youthful glow to their skin. For more than 40 years, FINE Japan Co., Ltd. is also known for its top-notch ISO 9001 certified manufacturing processes of its products, beginning with research, production to inspection that are all done in-house.

Its success was further highlighted during fiscal year 2013 when FINE Japan Co., Ltd. posted annual sales of more than JP¥ 2.6 billion, or around P1.06 billion. Its unprecedented success in the field of beauty and wellness thus prompted company officials to further expand the business.

Among its well-known creations include natural health-food supplements whose ingredients were gathered and extracted from various plant and animal sources. These were then transformed to food products, health-food supplements, even beverages and cosmetics, all discovered using outstanding product research and made by consistently following high manufacturing standards that will help contribute to a better society.

These qualities further enhanced FINE Japan Co., Ltd.’s reputation as a quality manufacturer of health and wellness products that spread throughout the world, in countries such as the USA, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Vietnam, and now in the Philippines.

And now, added to the products that will further lift the company’s image in the nutraceutical industry is its newest and most innovative product, Premium HyC 150, which possesses some of the most natural elements that will help restore skin’s youthfulness and active glow as we advance in age.

Premium HyC 150 has a unique combination of 150 mg. of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Collagen, and Ubiquinol, three major components especially made potent with the right amount of dosage in one sachet to effectively counter the rapid deterioration of the skin because of aging. It works from within, making it more effective than topical creams and lotions, plus the effects are more sustainable and ever increasing. The product is proven effective and truly safe for use by people who not only want to delay the effects of aging but also improve their health. Attesting to the superior quality of the product, Premium HyC 150 has won the prestigious Monde Selection Gold Award in 2014.

We want more Filipinos to enjoy their lives longer and healthier, and maintain youthful skin, especially for those advancing in age. With the help of Premium HyC 150 and the expertise of FINE Japan Co., Ltd., consumers can look forward to ‘revealing their new youth’ through beautiful, flawless and youthful skin they can be truly proud of,” explains Imelda Manook Tesalona, RPh, President of Fine Nutrition Trading International, the local importer of food supplements by FINE Japan Co., Ltd..

Collagen is a major component of the body that helps keep skin flexible while Hyaluronic Acid, found in the body’s skin tissues, helps hold moisture in the body, reduce skin dryness and at the same time hydrates the joints and connective tissues to prevent problems such as osteoarthritis, and even cataract. Ubiquinol on the other hand is an antioxidant, providing energy and protects skin against free radicals.

Other elements in Premium HyC 150 include Elastin, a protein that allows the skin to “spring back” and keep it resilient and firm. Biotin, on the other hand, helps keep skin, hair and nails healthy, and ease eczema and dermatitis.

The Pearl Coix extract, meanwhile, serves as a detoxificant and promotes clear, fair and luminous skin, while Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, helps repair the body’s natural collagen and maintains the strength of our body’s tissues.

Premium HyC 150 is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by BrightRAY Enterprises, now available in Watsons stores nationwide. For more information, visit www.HyC150.com.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gloc-9 And Vinci Montaner Dance In 'Businessman'

Anyone who has watched Gloc-9 at a live gig would know that one of the most well-received songs that get audiences on their feet is one of his oldest, telling us all to move our bodies and dance, to lighten the load of life.

On his 17th year in the music business, and after seven full length all-original albums, Gloc-9 goes back to some dance rap, bringing with him Vinci Montaner of Parokya Ni Edgar. Montaner has taken a breather from band life, but said yes to “Businessman,” a dance tune that speaks of an uncanny love between a rich girl and a poor boy, and how this difference is bound by nation that allows this disparity.

The rest of the song speaks of the unbelievable breadth of the girl’s wealth, with rooms full of money that isn’t counted and wallets are only for one thousand bills, where cars are a plenty and food is laid out on the dining table like there’s always a party. The girl is does not question how this money is earned, and where it comes from – her father is in a business that earns them billions.

In that world where everything’s served her on a silver platter, this girl wishes for what she has not experienced: to ride public transport and get her hands on some change, to try doing the laundry. The boy is enamored with her, surprised at the everyday things the girl wants to experience, where the things that are new to her is a way of life for him.

Yet “Businessman” is no easy love song, as it is one that’s layered with such a huge disparity between the rich girl and poor boy, that one can only wonder: what business is the girl’s father in, that allows him such wealth?

“Businessman” featuring Vinci Montaner will be launched on MYX on October 17 2014, Friday at 6:00 PM. The music video features Winwyn Marquez. “Businessman” is part of Gloc-9’s DVD release “Biyahe ng Pangarap” to premier in November.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Italianni’s WINEsday For October

There’s nothing more relaxing than knowing that at the end of the day, you can kick back and relax with great food with Italianni’s. Just when you think it can’t get any better than this, Italianni’s is extending their September WINESday promo until October but with a twist: your half off on wine is now available all day, everyday including weekends! You can choose over the featured wines including Frontera Sauvignon and Frontera Chardonnay, with the half off price of P115 from the original price of P230 per glass and P550 from the original P1,100 per bottle. With prices like these, you can even pair it pasta dishes like Spaghetti and Meatballs or Chicken Italianni’s and steaks like T-Bone end your day in Italian perfection!

Take advantage of this promo now for all Italianni’s Manila stores. Not available for Cebu, CDO, and Davao branches.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Looking for a new reason to shiver these -ber months? How about experiencing the newest crunchy goodness from Krazy Garlik? Discover a whole new world of crunch as Krazy Garlik introduces its newest addition to the Kraaazy menu: the Krrrispy Ribs.

It’s a sumptuous A dish that is deep fried ribs tossed in garlic bits, dried shrimp, fresh chili, and spring onion served with homemade liver sauce and spiced vinegar. It might sound crazy but when it hits your palate, you’re going to realize that it’s Kraaazy for all the right reasons.

Well, what are you waiting for? Head on to the nearest Krazy Garlik branch at Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, Newport Mall, Resorts World, Promenade, Greenhills and taste the krrrispy goodness only from tastiest Kraaazy town, Krazy Garlik!