Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Attack of Bacteria: What You Need To Know About The Enemy

Good oral hygiene begins and ends with bacteria. Start with a healthy environment for good bacteria to grow, and maintain this regimen by preventing bad bacteria from accumulating and causing plaque, cavities, and bad breath.

Win the fight against the bacteria in your mouth with oral care habits, starting with the food you eat. Avoid sugary and starchy food, consume more vegetables, and drink your eight glasses of water a day. After eating, always brushing your teeth, use oral care products with anti-bacterial features, and clean your tongue with scrapers or your tooth brush. By knowing the enemy of good oral hygiene, you can easily win the fight against it.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Teeth Check: How Clean Are Your Teeth?

Just like every part of our body, our teeth can get dirty too. From eating too much sweets and drinking carbonated drinks to keeping bacteria-friendly toothbrushes, there are many causes for dirty teeth. However, cleaning your teeth can be just as easy as one-two-three. Floss first to remove bigger debris in between the teeth. Second, brush your teeth at least twice daily for two minutes each time. Third, don’t forget your tongue and brush this area clean too.

And to beef up your daily regimen even more, here are three teeth-cleaning partners to help maintain your pearly whites. First is a 12-hour anti-bacterial protection toothpaste to boost your teeth’s defense. Second is the right toothbrush that suits your cleaning needs. And of course, don’t forget to visit your dentist every six months for professional cleaning.

Remember, it’s easy to get our teeth dirty, but with a little effort, having clean teeth will become even easier.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Nine Out of Ten Filipinos Have Cavities

Filipinos, regardless of age or socio-economic status, have all suffered from a cavity[1]. Figures released by the Department of Health revealed that nine out of ten Filipinos suffer from cavities or tooth decay.[2] Your child could be one of them.

Tooth decay or cavities is the top chronic health concern for children all over the world[3], which, when left untreated, can compromise a child’s eating and sleeping habits, as well as affect their self-confidence. A child suffering from severe cavities may experience difficulty in concentrating on school work, speaking, and even sleeping. Gerlie, a mother of two, shares, “I wasn’t aware that my child was suffering from cavities until one day he cried because of his very painful toothache. He couldn’t move and wasn’t able to do much else until the pain went away. He didn’t even have the appetite to eat or the energy to go to school.” These result in increasingly escalating detrimental effects on health, school and work performance, and even self-esteem[4]. Aside from compromising a child’s eating habits, severe decay in baby teeth can have serious consequences for a child’s speech and jaw development.[5]

A primary factor in the prevalence of cavities among Filipinos is a general lack of knowledge on dental health. Since oral health problems such as cavities are often overlooked, cavities are left untreated until they become emergency medical situations. In addition, unlike other more common health problems, the definition, symptoms, causes, and effects of cavities are not as commonly understood.

Cavities are commonly viewed by Filipinos as holes in teeth caused by consuming too much sweets. However, according to Dr. Corazon S. Flores, President of the Philippine Dental Association, “Visible holes on the surface of the teeth indicate that the problem has progressed beyond the tooth surface. In fact, dental caries or tooth decay begins with invisible acid erosion of the tooth enamel, caused by accumulated food substances left on the teeth. Left unchecked, the tooth area becomes increasingly damaged, progressing from the surface, all the way into the root.”

Cavities have become a fact of life among Filipinos when it really should not be as it is easily preventable, especially with the number of oral care products that are readily available. DepEd has continuously put their efforts to raise awareness on proper oral care in public school children by including it in the curriculum. This way, at an early age they are already made aware of how to easy it is to take care of their teeth.

It is also important to note that proper oral health care starts at home, continues Dr. Flores, “Being proactive at home is the first step. Filipinos can prevent this by brushing and flossing at least twice a day and regularly visiting the dentist at least twice a year. Parents need to set a good example by instilling good oral care habits in their family, especially their children, so that cavities can finally become a thing of the past.”

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Healthway Medical Reaches Out To OFWs Through I-Remit

 (L-R): Luzviminda Nietes, Healthway Medical Manager for New Business; Alejandro Pepino, I-Remit Global Sales and Marketing Vice President; Harris Jacildo, I-Remit President and CEO; Carmie de Leon, Healthway Medical Vice President for Sales and Marketing; Joven Alcala, Healthway Medical Marketing Manager; Jennifer Saclolo, Healthway Medical Alternative Distribution Channel Head; and Naome Lucernas, Healthway Medical ADC Officer.
Healthway Medical, the country’s most-preferred and trusted mall-based clinic expands its reach by catering to global markets through its partnership with I-Remit, the largest Filipino-owned non-bank remittance service provider.

The venture allows Healthway Medical to offer its premium healthcare services to more than 2.2 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and other Filipinos abroad through I-Remit’s iShop. Considered a “One-Stop Shop Delivery Service”, iShop accepts orders and coordinates the delivery of Pinoy gifts and pasalubong from Filipinos abroad to their respective beneficiaries and loved ones back home.

By making our healthcare services available online, OFWs and foreigners can take care of themselves and their families without having to worry about being far away from home,” says Carmie de Leon, Healthway Medical Vice President for Sales and Marketing.

Healthway Medical will now be offering Health Screening services as well as its premium executive checkup package, HealthCheQ International, to over 1,400 remittance outlets located in 26 countries and territories covered by I-Remit.

I-Remit’s presence in twenty-six countries across the world allows us to reward clients with value added service, and that’s where Healthway Medical fits into the picture,” says I-Remit Vice President for Global Sales and Marketing Alejandro Pepino. “I think one of the main concerns of an OFW is when they send money to the Philippines, they want to have a sense of security that is actually addressing the needs of the family. Our multiple remittance channels let OFWs make purchases in advance for their loved ones in the Philippines, and Healthway Medical is there to provide much-needed preventive care for their families.”

Healthway Medical’s Health Screenings provide diagnostic procedures that help determine diseases even before the onset of observable symptoms. This enables Healthway Medical’s healthcare professionals to apply preventive health procedures and easily treat conditions before they get worse. Among the health care packages offered are basic medical exams for male and female, diabetes screening, and dental services such as teeth whitening.

HealthCheQ International, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive medical package that includes laboratory, diagnostic services, imaging studies, and special examinations. Available in transferable coupons, HealthCheQ International is designed to provide medical and dental services for the entire family. The package also allows patients to choose among tests and procedures that best suit their needs, including cosmetic services such as warts removal and other facial-care procedures.

On top of premium healthcare, Healthway Medical extends its exclusive service with a complete wellness experience by offering an overnight stay at any of Healthway Medical’s partner hotels or resorts for a relaxing getaway.

For more information, visit Healthway Medical clinics at Alabang Town Center, Festival Supermall, Greenbelt 5, Market! Market!, Robinsons Place Manila, Shangri-La Plaza, and SM North Edsa-The Block. Call the Customer Care Hotline (02)751-4929 or visit www.healthway.com.ph or like Healthway Medical on Facebook.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Epic Freedom Party Unites Fillipinos With An Ayos Vibe

It’s time to celebrate freedom and show off that Ayos Vibe at the #OneViberPH party on June 11, at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Showcasing the best of the Philippines in music and art, #OneViberPH is the freedom party for the modern Fililpino.
Music has always been a part of our culture, especially among young Filipinos. So we are supporting OneVibePH to express our oneness with young people. This is a night that will unite us through music as we celebrate Philippine Independence. While OneVibePH offers great music, we at AyosDito.ph can provide the younger generation great online buying and selling experiences. Partnering with OneVibePH is one way of expressing our affinity with them,” explains Vanessa Lee Cartera, AyosDito.ph Senior Marketing Executive.

Crystal Lee, Viber’s Country Manager, added “After the success of #Viberacay event which dominated the island of Boracay during the Labor Day weekend, Viber wishes to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day since we already have our local office here in Manila providing free messaging to 13 million Viber subscribers. This is an opportunity for us to gather Viber users, enjoy the biggest electronic event and dance to the music of our local DJs.”

Joining the headliners are Filipino Apl.De.Ap, DJ Filipino-Dutch Laidback Luke, Filipino DJs Funk Avy, Mars Miranda and Motherbass. Foreign DJs will also join the event in support of Filipino talents: HardRock Sofa and Infected Mushroom. Likewise, 12 of the metro’s top party venues will be closed to support this independence day party: Aracama, Dillingers, The Distillery, Haze, Hyve, Imperial, Prive, Prohibition, Republiq, Skye, Time, Prive and UrBn.

Tickets are now available thru SM Tickets at (02) 470-2222 or www.smtickets.com and at Ticketworld at 891-9999 or at www.ticketworld.com. Ticket prices are at Php 1000.00 for Patron tickets and Php 500.00 for students and Viber users, just Viber Message using the hashtag (#OneVibePH) to 0911-VIBERPH to get the promo code when purchasing online.

13 million subscribers… 12 Prime Dance Clubs… 6 Participating Local DJs in 1 Epic Viber Event!

Hashtags: #AyosVibe #OneVibePH

Social Media Handle (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram): @AyosDito_PH @ViberPH

About AyosDito:

AyosDito.ph AyosDito.ph is a buy and sell website developed for Pinoys by Pinoys from 701 Search, Inc. It.s a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Schibsted ASA and Telenor ASA with more than 30 affiliate sites all over Asia, Europe and Latin America. Ayosdito is all about making your online buy and sell experience as worry free and hassle free as possible. One that will make you say "Ayos talaga Dito!" Best of all, they sort buying and selling by region, province and city, so Filipinos can use it no matter what region they are in the Philippines

About Viber:

Viber is a pioneering mobile messaging, voice and video service. Viber lets everyone in the world connect. Freely. Users can send free text messages, fun stickers, photos, videos and doodles, share locations anywhere in the world, make free HD-quality calls and communicate with Push-To-Talk. With Viber Out, users can make low-cost calls to any phone number around the world. Viber is available for iPhone®, Android™ phones and tablets, Windows Phone, BlackBerry®, Blackberry® 10, Windows®, Windows 8®, Mac, Linux, Symbian, Nokia S40 and Bada devices over 3G/4G or WiFi connections. With over 300 million users in 193 countries, Viber is constantly innovating by introducing new platforms and adding fun new features. Viber is a Rakuten Group company.

Friday, June 06, 2014

SM Supermalls Wins Ultimate Seal of Consumer Approval

SM Supermalls received the Platinum in the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Award 2014 for the Shopping Mall category last June 4, 2014 at Crowne Plaza Manila. (L-R) Sue Carney,
Editor-in-Chief, Readers Digest Asia Pacific with the SM Supermalls team, Steven Tan,
Senior Vice-President for Operations, Annie Garcia, President, Grace Magno, Vice-President
for Advertising and Sheron White, Group Advertising Director, Readers Digest Asia Pacific

SM Supermalls clinched, for the second year, the Platinum in the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Award for the Shopping Mall category in the Philippines for 2014. As the ultimate seal of consumer approval, the Trusted Brand Award reflects SM Supermalls’ commitment to trustworthiness and credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs, innovation and social responsibility.

SM Supermalls adheres to basic tenets of shopping center management rooted in providing the highest level of service and delight to its shoppers which include well-curated local and global fashion brands through partnering with the world’s best retailers; a delectable mix of food tenants giving the market a taste of the best in the local and global scene; a wide array of entertainment options; awe-inspiring architectural eco-friendly designs and a warm ambience that allows shoppers from all walks of life to feel safe, comfortable and happy.

Winning this award reaffirms SM Supermalls’ commitment to constant innovation and responsible mall development. The company’s duty goes beyond serving its customers inside the malls as it is also implements sustainability programs benefitting the communities where an SM mall is located. This award motivates SM Supermalls to even work harder in order to maintain the trust its customers have given the brand. And one important reason why SM Supermalls is the Filipinos’ most trusted mall brand is perhaps because it’s never veered away from what it’s been known for through the years - fun and affordable luxury shopping experience. This is what SM Supermalls is all about.

In just over five decades, SM Supermalls became the Philippines’ most patronized chain of malls, rapidly growing from just one store into 49 malls in the country, three of which are among the biggest malls in the world. SM Supermalls also owns and operates 5 malls in China.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

New Promenade Cinemas Now Have Dolby Atmos

It’s the new world of sound that let’s you “hear the whole picture.”

Dolby Atmos is the revolutionary sound technology that is the current world class standard of sound technology. It debuted in the Philippines at the Greenhills Cinemas 6, 7 and 8 at the new Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center on July 11, 2013.

What makes Dolby Atmos so special? It is state of the art sound technology that brings the movie’s sound come to life, making you feel as if you are part of the picture, in the middle of the action, hearing the sounds from where they are actually coming from.

Technically, Atmos is a positional sound system, with many more channels of audio than a typical surround sound system. It enables the aural tracking of objects in a 3D space, to create a more lifelike sound. Instead of thinking of sound in terms of channels, the technology allows sound editors to work with object-oriented sound instead. Using a computer algorithm, Atmos can drive audio across the hall, splitting it across multiple speakers to accomplish a positional effect.

Traditional sound technology has the sounds coming from in front of or behind the audience, from either side, or from above. With Atmos, the sound comes from anywhere and everywhere. The technology uses a computerized algorithm to tweak the sound output based on the number of installed speakers, so sound editors can designate where in the cinema space each sound should be coming from, instead of having to consider speaker numbers and placement.

In short, Dolby Atmos delivers a powerful and dramatic new cinema sound listening experience. It allows sound to move around the theater to create dynamic effects. It reproduces a natural and lifelike audio experience that perfectly matches the story. Its overhead speakers create the most realistic effects you’ve ever heard. And up to 64 speakers total placed all around the theater heighten the realism and impact of every scene.

Major movies such as Brave, The Life of Pi, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Pacific Rim, Gravity, Thor : The Dark World, Elysium, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, 300: Rise of An Empire, Captain America : The Winter Soldier, Transcendence, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Godzilla, Meleficent, and now, Edge of Tomorrow were made in Dolby Atmos.

How To Train Your Dragon 2, Transformers : Age of Extinction, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Expendables 3 and The Avengers : Age of Ultron are the upcoming movies in Dolby Atmos. And Greenhills Cinemas 6, 7 and 8 – all equipped with Dolby Atmos and fitted with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling screens -- enhance the viewing experience of these blockbuster movies best.

Greenhills Cinema general manager Paolo Mendoza says putting up one Dolby Atmos theater is like putting up three regular theaters in terms of cost and equipment. “You need to invest in a CP850, which is the latest processor used by Dolby as well as special Perlux screens. The new Promenade screens are also bigger -- floor to ceiling in height and spread side to side – in essence, a mini Imax,” he explained.

To date, there are 150 countries that enjoy the revolutionary Dolby Atmos technology all over the world and Greenhills Cinema is the first in the Philippines to offer it in Promenade Cinema 6, 7 and 8 -- the most number of Dolby Atmos theaters in one structure in the whole of Asia.

Besides the Dolby Atmos technology that has revolutionized the movie viewing experience, the new Greenhills Cinemas at the Promenade are made special by luxurious appointments. A large-sized mural fashioned from metal by National Artist for the Visual Arts Benedicto Cabrera (Bencab) entitled 8 Movements greets moviegoers as they get off from the escalator, giving one a sense of the grandeur of well-appointed cinema houses of the 50s and 60s. Towering palm trees, mood lighting, and wrap-around giant posters of Oscar Best Pictures adorn the lobby. Even the rest rooms are hotel-like in their luxury.

We wanted to bring back some of the elegance of movie theaters during the grand old days of cinema when movie houses were stand-alone and had murals and art pieces for décor. Moviegoers then surely had a grand feeling when going to the movies. This is the reason why we brought the finest art into the new thdeaters at the Promenade and why the three new cinemas are fitted with state of the art Dolby Atmos technology. We hope in the near future more cinemas will follow suit to give movie goers the wonderful experience of watching movies in the best way they can,” said Precy Florentino, president of the Music Museum Group, Inc.which runs Greenhills Cinemas.

Present-day moviegoers never had it this good.