A Decade of Togetherness

It is only just recently did I realize how long we have been together as a couple, ten years! Time passes by you do not take notice of it sometimes. Do we celebrate? I do not know. We did not plan. That is how we are. All I can remember is that we were always together on the same day of each year. Not this year. Last night, I went home late after work to find out I would be sleeping alone again. Too tired and brokenhearted, I slept in no time but my mind was busy thinking of him. In my dreams I was too excited to wake up with hopes that he will arrive early in the morning. Nada.

Enough of the emotional torture. This morning,  I spent some quality time with the kids before going to work. I received an FB message on my mobile phone from Richard Mamuyac that I am invited to The Finesse Shampoo event with the Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team. Perfect! I am off to that event right after my shift today. I hope it would be a fun night.
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