ETON International School: A School Without Borders

Right after my last shift for the work week I headed to Malate to visit Eton International School. Few bloggers were invited to see and experience what the school could offer and contribute in educating young people. Good timing it was, I have been contemplating on my daughter's entering into grade school next year. Of course, every parent would want the best for their children. If only one could give it to his capacity, he would work hard to give the best education available.

Top students welcomed us by singing the school's hymn. We were toured around the school even during class hours so that we would actually see how the students learn each day in Eton. Normal classes compose of 12 students from nursery to grade seven. Each class I went in I was amazed by how students freely speak their mind and actively participate in the class. And it is really an international class, with perhaps mixes of blood from the neighboring Asian countries. English is the medium of communication, although Filipino language is also being used.

My point and shoot camera's battery was drained so I was not able to shoot photos of the classrooms and the cute students. I figured, I can always go back and take as many photos as I can. Classes start at 9:00 in the morning (this is for the late risers not to be late) and end at around 4:30 in the afternoon with an hour lunch and snack break in the afternoon.

One thing that I like most is the way technology has made learning fun and easy. With the use of the Mimio, which is being hooked up to the computer and the projector, students can write on the whiteboard and even answer using touch screen technology once synchronized. Also, all of the work done by the class can be saved to a soft copy file and sent to an absent student through email so that he could catch up with the lessons.

When asked why "school without borders," President Ms. Jacqueline Marzan Tolentino, who went to Harvard answered Eton began as an adventure school that served students with diverse learning styles. An unconventional school that adapts the latest learning styles and technological advances for best approaches in nurturing children. True from observation, students are allowed to eat snacks when hungry even if it is not yet time for it. They are also allowed to bring in their own gadgets related to learning such as mini laptop or netbook.

The success of teaching and learning lie on their adopted Dunn and Dunn 20 learning styles. The student, parents and even the nanny are being assessed even before enrolment. This is to be sure that the learning style would be applied based on the personality of the student. This is the first time I learned about elements that may affect learning based on one's unique personality. Being a graduate of traditional/conventional school, Eton's style is all new to me. How I wish I could go back and would have enrolled in Eton or at least wish that their teaching-learning style was existing during my school days.

With mission to create life changing schools that uplift humanity worldwide and an objective committed to make international education accessible to all, Eton International School's vision on its seventh year is to build seven schools in seven years. They already have opened one in Heroes Hills, Quezon City on November 26, 2011. They are six schools away to achieving it. And I believe they are going to achieve it! Why? Because they are sharing their success by helping/teaching Day Care Workers in the Metro Manila area. Believing that these teachers are the first ones who impart knowledge to children before they formally enter grade school, Eton feels the need to reach out and help them help the students.

On December 3, 2011 it opened up its doors to children for them to experience and feel how it is to be at Eton. The newly opened school in Heroes Hills, Quezon City now offers high school education.

Like any school, Eton also gives scholarship to less fortunate but deserving students. For inquiries on enrollment you may personally visit at 1839 Dr. Vasquez Street, Malate,  Manila or contact +63 2 526 2994 and +63 2 522 1003. You may also like their FB fan page for updates.
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