Tanduay Ice Light: Indulge More This Summer, Sans The Guilt

Light drinkers come alive and celebrate, as Tanduay Ice Light gives you more and more reasons to drink, sans the guilt. Body conscious, weight watcher, but a party buff? You’ve just been given the liberty to enjoy the night without the belly worry.

Tanduay Ice Light comes in deliciously refreshing citrus flavors, with the perfect 4.5% alcohol kick, but with fewer calories. Set aside that calorie tracker, and just be your natural life-of-the-party self, for this drink has 30% less calories than your regular beer.

With summer parties happening left and right, you can now let loose, as your body-conscious conscience won’t call you out. Don’t compromise a night filled with surprises and pleasure, and go for the Light alcomix drink perfectly mixed to keep your summer nights and days longer – only more and more drinks, and it doesn’t feel like it.

Available in delicious flavors of Pomelo and Peach, made with real juice with no artificial sweetener. Drink more, party hard, without the guilt. Tanduay Ice Light is now available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores at Php 23.00 SRP.

About Tanduay Ice

Tanduay Ice is a premixed, vodka-based drink made from triple distilled spirit, which is blended with unique, natural citrus flavors with a fizz. The different variants range from the themed alcopops of the Tanduay Ice Alcomix with 5% alcohol content; Tanduay Ice Light with 30% less calories and 4.5% alcohol content; and the premixed rumcola drink of Tanduay Black with a strong kick of 6.9% alcohol content. Available in all leading supermarkets, convenient stores, bars, and sari-sari stores.

For more information, visit facebook.com/TanduayIceOfficial.
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