A Mother’s Guide To Keeping Her Child Safe – At All Times

Safety is a top priority for moms everywhere. Every decision a mom makes in her life is often followed by this thought, “Is this safe for my child?”

In line with this thought, the Child Accident Prevention Trust or CAPT encourages moms (and parents) everywhere to make every week Child Safety Week. This program aims to bring awareness to serious childhood accidents and how to prevent them.

While it is understandable that a child can’t be kept in a bubble wrap, mothers everywhere can rest easy knowing that there are numerous ways to keep their child safe. Being a safety mom doesn't take superhuman powers, just a heightened awareness of things around you that may or may not harm your child.

There are three ways you can be a hero in your child’s life by being:

· A poisons Safety Hero

· A burns and scalds Safety Hero

· A falls Safety Hero

While these areas may be caused by obvious circumstances, it wouldn't hurt for a mom to be constantly aware of what may cause these injuries in your child’s environment.

Being a poisons Safety Hero means you have a keen awareness of what may endanger your child. What are the poisonous things at home? Are they within reach or are they hidden from your child? These are a few things to remember:

· Keep all cleaning agents stored in a high place and if possible, with a lock.

· Keep handbags with tablets and painkillers closed and out of reach.

· Children watch your every move, so if you can, take medicines and vitamins when they are not looking.

· Make a clean sweep of the outdoors as well, making sure your garden and backyard are free from agents that may entice and harm your child.

CAPT reports that almost 45 babies and toddlers are rushed to casualty wards with a hot drink scald. Being a burns and scalds Safety Hero doesn't require a lot of effort.

To avoid burns and scalds on your child, it is important for you to remember a few things:

· Turn off hair dryers and straighteners immediately and put them away out of reach and sight.

· Don’t pass drinks over your child’s head, and make sure that your children are in a comfortable place, far from you when drinking a hot drink.

· Push your kettle to the back of the worktop and use the rings at the back of the cooker, away from your little ones.

CAPT also reiterates the importance of being a Falls Safety Hero. According to CAPT, falls are the most common reason under-fives are admitted to the hospital. To be a Falls Safety Hero, it is important for you to:

· Watch out for the stairs. The moment your child starts crawling, make sure to install safety gates.

· Be proactive and move harm out of the way. Keep furniture far from windows and high places so kids are not tempted to climb and reach for the windows.

· Always fasten your child to their high chair or pushchair.

· If you can, change nappies on the floor to avoid your baby from rolling over.

And while a big part of being a Safety Hero is ensuring that your child’s outer environment is safe, making sure that what goes inside your child’s body is even more important. A responsible Safety Hero would provide her child with nothing but the best.

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