Food Photography For Beginners on November 9

It has been my frustration to take good photos of food, whether I eat it or not. I take experimental shots until I get the quality I want. But with the presence of a lot of applications that enhance picture quality I tend to be lazy in taking best photos. Nowadays, Filipinos are fond of taking not only selfies but also food photos, some even forgetting to say their thanks first before taking the shot or the first bite. Maybe because we really love food and the diversity of it.

Good thing I am able to bumped into The Photography Academy-Manila because they are going to have a Beginners' Session of Food Photography with the help of Mrs Fields Cookie Cafe on November 9, 2013 at the Treston International College in Taguig City. Perfect timing so I would learn from the Pros and somehow other experienced enthusiasts.

See you on Saturday and let's live it up!
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