How To Keep Your Child Absolutely Safe At All Times

Part of being a mother is worrying about our children at all times. While most mothers think they can never stop worrying about their kids, there are simple ways to overcome it. Equipping our children with the right knowledge about the world around them is the best way for them to stay safe - no matter where they are.

Stay Away from Strangers – Both in the Playground and Online

We’ve heard it all before, “don’t talk to strangers.” While statement is true, it is important to define to our children what we mean by “stranger.”  We tell our children that a stranger is anyone they don’t know, even if they’re dressed well or polite. Even familiar faces can be strangers if our children feel uncomfortable around them. Kids should know that they shouldn’t take anything from people they are not comfortable with, like treats, or even a ride home. Also, we teach our children to not believe stories strangers tell them about their parents, especially ones involving accidents.

With the advent of the internet, it’s important to monitor our children’s online social activity. We remind our children that not everyone they meet on the internet is a “friend.” We can install kid-friendly software and ensure that they have access to online sites within our reach. We remind our children to tell us immediately if anything on the internet makes them feel uncomfortable, especially if they are being bullied by friends or classmates online.

Have a Safe List for Our Kids

Kids work well when boundaries are set. It is important to sit down with our children to further discuss our safe list with them. A safe list contains everything they can go home with, places they can play in and outside of our home and a general idea of what’s appropriate or not (whether from a stranger or a family member.) Even a safe word within the family, to be used only during emergencies, can be implemented. Being involved in our children’s lives is a good way to keep them safe, whether ou are with them or not.

Learn Self Defense

Let our children gain confidence by knowing they can take care of themselves. We can enroll them in self-defense classes such as Muay Thai, Karate, and Taekwondo, not only will they learn how to protect themselves but they would also be able to gain new friends, learn a new sport, and build their self-esteem.

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