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Heard a lot about juicing and detoxifying lately. I constantly wait for friends' social network posts about their progress on their current healthy way of living. Then I stumbled upon a post on Pure Jus and Zumba. Perfect combination!

Check this out..

When I checked on Pure Jus' Facebook page I saw some testimonials of people who have tried the juice. And so I'm interested in trying the Detox Blends. My average weight is 50 kg. After giving birth in December of last year I haven't stepped on the scale but by the way I feel I think I am close to 70 right now. Yay!

I plan to lose the unnecessary weight through proper diet and exercise. But I think I have to detoxify first. I hope Pure Jus can help me with my goal for this year.

Here are the Detox Blends:

1-Day Detox – "BLAST" 
6 bottles of 350 ml. juices with 3 detox teas
3-Day Detox – "RESET"
18 bottles of 350 ml. juices with 7 detox teas
5-Day Detox – "REBALANCE" 
30 bottles of 350 ml. juices with 12 detox teas
7-Day Detox – "DETOX"
42 bottles of 350 ml. juices with 17 detox teas

And here are the Regular Blends:



How about you? Which one would you like to try? See you at the Zumba party!

Live it up!
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