TAGAI Launches Top-Of-The-Line Driving Eyewear In The Philippines

Affiliated with Paris Miki Inc., Japan’s largest optical chain store with more than 800 stores established in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA, TAGAI is now launched as the newest top-of-the-line eyewear brand offering the best options in driving eyewear to the very meticulous consumers here in the Philippines. TAGAI comes from the Japanese character 互 which means unity. In Japanese, TAG = fold and AI = love.

TAGAI has been conceptualized based on the corporate philosophy that is founded on the principle of putting customers and their future first. Geared towards providing quality in the products offered to the market and with an assurance of straight-from-the-heart customer service given in excellence up to the point of after-sales, TAGAI’s product development team gives consumers a chance to once and for all get value for their money. Furthermore, a portion of their total sales will be used for charity support funds.

Men and women drivers in the Philippines can now conquer the road not only with assurance in safety and reaching peak performance in driving by wearing TAGAI, the newest driving eyewear created using the latest in polarity technology. Designed to meet standard requirements for eye protection, visual aptitude optimization and performance enhancement for drivers’ especially professional auto racers while ensuring fashion and style, TAGAI’s product development team has been keen in each detail of this great innovation in both sports and casual eyewear. At the onset, TAGAI puts a spotlight on driving eyewear that gives anyone who is active with various day and night activities maximum eye protection, optimized use of visual aptitude and to cap it off, the guarantee of driving in fashion and style.

TAGAI has two (2) frame designs, the TAGAI (α) ALPHA and TAGAI (β) BETA. These designs were rationally made based on the two most significant things for its endorser F1 Japanese racer KAMUI KOBAYASHI which are protecting his eyes as the first and seconded by being stylish & trendy.

Frame and Temple Colors
Black and yellow, Black matte, Tortoise, Blue & black (total of 4 colors)
Lens Classification
Day or Diurnal Lens, Night or Nocturnal Lens
Other Variation
Gold Mirror Diurnal Lens 

The versatile designs of the TAGAI α ALPHA collection introduces 12 eyewear masterpieces created to suit a variety of fashion tastes for almost any occasion using four frame designs in meticulously selected color mixes. Each creation in the TAGAI α ALPHA product line represents the underlying corporate principles of TAGAI that revolves in championing quality in every detail involving product development.

The versatile designs of the TAGAI α (ALPHA) collection suit with a variety of fashion tastes for almost any occasion using meticulously selected frame designs in well-set color mixes

Frame & Temple Colors
Black matte & red, Grey & black, Red & white, Black & black mat (total of 4 colors)
Lens Classification
Day or Diurnal Lens, Night or Nocturnal Lens
Other Variation
Gold Mirror Diurnal Lens 

The dynamic TAGAI (β) BETA collection takes pride in 12 models of uniquely crafted outdoor eyewear in four frame designs to bring out energetic and passionate fashion styles founded on Japan’s technology in producing highly durable and adaptive optical masterpieces.

The sporty and chic designs of the TAGAI ( β) BETA collection, TAGAI’s set of outdoor eyewear are uniquely crafted with an added reinforcement feature for maximum durability.

About the Lens

With more than 80 years of experience in how to enhance our vision, TAGAI manufacturer Paris Miki is proud to release the Diurnal and Nocturnal Lenses. The unique experience of crystal-like lenses made in Japan. 

  • Lens which let you enjoy seeing perfectly while having fun driving.
  • Two coatings are available for your choice: dark grey and gold mirror. * The gold mirror lens is an option
  • Dark grey (anti reflection coat), transmittance 16.2%, degree of polarization 99.2%, cut 99.9% of UV
  • Gold mirror (anti reflection coat), transmittance 13.5%, degree of polarization 99.2%, cut 99.9% of UV
Using the original manufacturing method of lenses with the integration of the fusion method of polarizing film and lenses, Diurnal Lenses were crafted to be surprisingly thin and highly durable. These lenses are very difficult to crack and will not easily come off. These anti-reflective lenses can diffuse reflection or glare coming from the road or that from a car’s dashboard even when it is raining to make driving stress-free.



Innovative features
  • Selective glare reduction from oncoming vehicles’ headlights or mirror reflections. 
  • Creating a higher contrast through an easy diffusion of reflection by reducing short wavelength.
  • Giving clear or brighter vision in the dark which is necessary for a safer driving experience at night.

  • Cut 99.9% of UV, multi coat 

For more information about the Tagai Eyewear Collections, you can check out their Facebook page   or contact Tagai Trading (Mr. Manu T. Ofiaza) at Telephone no. 687-0483 and Mobile no. 0917-8719388 or email at manu.ofiaza@parismiki.ph

Endorser Japanese F1 driver Kamui Kobayashi in a frame factory in Sabae, Japan personally involving himself crafting TAGAI eyewear.

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