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It's my birthday! Yay!

Flashback: Last year, I celebrated it in the office since I was not able to take a leave due to workload. By our office tradition, everybody contributes a fixed amount to buy merienda. After that, our CEO took me to Kitchen's Best for a treat. How cool is that?

This year, I decided to spend it in, I believed, a worthwhile afternoon. True enough, I met new intellectuals! A relaxed afternoon of conversation, coffee and sweets with fellow bloggers and Ms Salve Dulpito, a resident financial adviser on ANC's daily show On The Money concluded my day. I think meeting her has a purpose in my life. It was just recently that I realized I've been working all my life and I have no savings!

It's not that I live beyond my means. I think I'm just generous and considerate I did not put much  importance on saving for future needs. I feel like what I earn from my employment is just enough for my family's needs. Almost always nothing's left in the ATM. Well, it's high time I sit down seriously and do something about it. This is really perfect timing for me.

Salve's story is relatable. I know the feeling of going to school with little or no baon at all.
But instead of feeling down, this inspired her to strive and reach for her goal. What convinced me to attend her workshop is her advocacy in financial education which is also shared by Pioneer Insurance. We'll see after the workshop and I would be more than willing to write about how I did and share it to you as well. If you are on the same situation as I am, or worse (I hope not!) and available on October 11, 2014, the time is now to act on your present personal financial crisis. This is just a 3-hour workshop and there are one-on-one sessions with financial coaches afterwards. You can avail of the early bird rate of PhP1,800.00 if you register through ADeals on or before October 3! I hope you'll grab it and start saving.

Hey, I'm not broke. But I'd be close to being one if I will not change my behavior towards my personal finances. I knew it myself but could not act on it. I need some strategies and conviction to do it ASAP. Hopefully, I can start up after the seminar and live it up!
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