How I Do More With Less During the Holidays

As soon as I hear Christmas songs whether at the malls or from my neighbors loud radios I get excited. Maybe because I always look forward to seeing different lights and decors. Although I want  that every year I'd decorate our Christmas tree differently, this Christmas I decided to recycle.

My mother and daughter happy about a golden-themed Christmas tree.
Got this 8-foot Christmas tree from Divisoria sidewalk for P2,000 (including the decorations) in November 2013. You'll hate me for asking discount (tawad) if you're the vendor but my reason is you will never give me a  price you will not at least break-even. Got this very cheap because the vendor was about to go home and she did not want to bring this back the next day to sell again. Too costly for handling and transportation. So it's a win-win situation for both of us. I told her, I had no intention of buying a Christmas tree just yet and this huge as I was 8 months pregnant and carrying it alone in Divisoria crowd might make me deliver my baby right there and then. Ha ha, of course that was exaggerated! Persistent the vendor was stingy me bought it at a packaged price. So this Christmas I've saved money and effort in buying and thinking of another set of decorations.

Some premium items/samples/discount coupons and freebies from bazaars.
Many tend to overspend during the holidays season since this is the time for 13th month pay and perhaps bonuses. We delay buying things we want until we have the money in December and then after New Year we will realize we are empty handed. Here's the thing. Set a budget and spend only how much it is. I suggest going to bazaars as this is the perfect place where you can find the best deals. You can compare prices. Most of all you get to sample new products, get premium items and freebies. Also,some bazaars are being organized for a cause. So you get save money and help in a way.

One of the gifts I've received.

While recycling gifts is a No No for some, I realized that it's practical nowadays especially if what you've received is a consumable or you have more than one of it and/or will not have use of it. Before I sent these recycled gifts to my friends, of course I made sure they will like it by asking beforehand if they use it or considering buying one. Hey, its Christmas and receiving something no matter how small will always be a pleasure. I was surprised my friends liked so much the whitening soaps and lotions I gave them which made me conclude Filipinos love to have a fairer skin! Ha ha..So there I saved shopping time and money again. But wait! I also prepared something for my kids' Ninongs and Ninangs. Be it pens, USBs, mugs, they liked the exchange gift idea!

Do you notice promo bundles are a lot during holidays season? Me, I always look out for these whenever I do groceries. Saves me a few pesos but hey it's still savings! I only buy what my family and I need though. Spaghetti is a Christmas dish favorite so this bundle must have been sold out even before eve. Another thing about doing groceries, I make sure I avoid the holiday rush by buying gradually what I will need for the dishes I will prepare. I've experienced buying on Christmas and New Year's eve and shelves were almost empty and lines are long at the checkout counter. Supermarkets will not restock since some goods will be slow moving after the holidays. But for the fruits I will put on the table, this one I do in a rush. He he..I buy just before the wet market closes on New Year's Eve. Much cheaper.

When you're a mother, especially if a working one, you want to make sure you always get the best value for every peso you spend. You will save every centavo possible. You will appreciate every freebie you get whether it's a simple plate or a cup. These savings will help you save more and hopefully make an investment for the future.

Reading the rules of this park where I run after office hours.
And to start 2016, I commit to a healthy lifestyle by adding a regular jog or run at least twice a week after office hours. Another savings for me because gym rates aren't affordable considering my current pay.

Of all the savings I've shared I think I can say I #DoMoreWithLess and I live it up.

These are just a few, how about you? I'd like to know how you #DoMoreWithLess

This blog post is in support of the #DoMoreWithLess advocacy led by Electrolux Philippines.
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