5 Ways to Make Your Air-Conditioner Summer Ready

As the blaze of the summer heat arrives, all of us will start looking for places and ways to cool down. By midday, some people will find themselves mall-hopping just to escape the hot temperatures. The last thing one wants is to turn on one’s air-conditioner only to find that it doesn’t work. When an air-conditioning unit sits idle for months, collecting dirt and dust, a bit of maintenance is needed to get it running properly.

This is why it’s important to check your units before temperatures get hotter.

Now that summer is fast approaching you have to ask yourself, is your air-conditioning unit up for a blazing challenge? Electrolux, a global leader in home appliances, has prepared a simple checklist to ensure your air-conditioner is summer ready.

Clean or replace the filters. This is the simplest but most important step in maintaining your unit. It’s advisable to regularly clean this at least twice a year and additionally when you see dust collecting. Clogged or dirty filters block the airflow. Having clean filters means you are not obstructing airflow making your unit more energy efficient.

Clear the debris. Remove the leaves and debris from the base of the unit’s condenser and make sure the drain is clear. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a rag to clean the outer part of the condenser. Doing so means you won’t be recirculating the dust in the room.

Check ducts and seals. Air ducts are tubes used to connect the air conditioning system to a room. Leaks can slow down and may prevent air from being supplied properly in your home. Check for any leaks to ensure energy efficiency. Seals can easily break when exposed to moisture. To fix this problem, use mastic tapes to seal.

Use few heat-producing appliances. As the heat of summer arrives, it’s best to avoid using heat-producing appliances indoors while your air-conditioner is on. Your unit is already battling the heat from outside your home. If you add heat inside, you’re making your air-conditioner work overtime! Try cooking outside using the grill or letting your hair air dry instead of always using the hair dryer. This will give your air conditioner an easy time to serve you better every day.

Test your air conditioner. Let it dry thoroughly and then turn the power to the condenser back on by following this step. First, turn the thermostat in your home to OFF. Then turn on the power at both the disconnect box and at the main panel. Lastly, switch the thermostat to cool. If your air conditioner is not running properly, it may be time to call the professionals for help.

“All of our design and product development is based on the philosophy of Thoughtful Design. We want to give you top-tier appliances and unparalleled customer service to make your life better” shares Andrea Pionilla, the Country Marketing Manager of Electrolux Philippines.

With these simple tips and by taking good care of your appliances, Electrolux hopes you have a cool and relaxing summer at home.

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