It's Storytelling Day!

On World Storytelling Day stories are told by storytellers all around the world, in all possible languages and in every imaginable place.

The date of March 20th was not chosen by coincidence. It's the beginning of spring and of autumn in the Northern, respectively Southern, part of the world.

In a special way, this emphasizes the bond between people all over the world. Besides that, World Storytelling Day draws the attention to the art of storytelling and the profession of the storyteller worldwide.

Ways to be a Better Storyteller

Start with the ending. In other words, know how your story will end before you begin.

Take your time. Don't rush your story. Use dramatic pauses.

Make your story relatable.

Unleash your inner actor.Don't just tell the story or read the story. Perform the story. Use different voices. Move around. Gesture.

Use audience participation. Involve your listeners in the storytelling process.

Leave them wanting more. Better to tell a good story well, and then stop. If your listeners are begging you for more, politely decline. And walk out the door a hero.

by Mrs. P

Happy Storytelling Day!
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