Koala’s March: A Loving Treat For Everyone!

In ancient times, chocolate symbolized fertility, health, life and even royalty. Today, chocolate is synonymous to love…between lovers and friends, and not forget, among our children!

Chocolate gifts are shared in premium bars or in assorted shapes with various fillings in classy boxes. But now there is a chocolatey fun way to share the love and laughter that this season of love brings…Koala’s March!

Koala’s March is a crispy delicious biscuit filled with premium chocolate! This tasty snack will surely hit your kids’ sweet cravings with every biscuit bite.

Enjoy the crispy delicious goodness while enjoying your favorite TV show, the latest movie, as a snack during your quiet time together or for dessert after meals. Tuck in a Koala’s March biscuit pack in your kids lunch box for school time nibbles...you may even want to consider adding an extra pack for your kid to share!

Moreover, you can further enjoy loving time with Koala’s March characters printed on each biscuit. Why not play a matching game with the kids where biscuits from your box of Koala’s March are paired off with their biscuits from their box? Match the same characters or choose characters that seem perfect for each other!

A simple game with delicious rewards…This matching game is an activity your children will surely enjoy with friends and the rest of the family!

Give a gift of love, fun and laughter to your children. Give Koala’s March.

Koala’s March is sold and distributed by Lotte Confectionary (Pilipinas) Corp. and is available in leading supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide. For more details about Koala’s March, visit www.lottekoalasmarch.com.

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