Block the Sun's Heat With Snoe

With summer temperatures hitting record levels this year, how better to stay radiant than with heaven-sent Snoé?

Getting a beach bronze can be tempting but thanks to Snoé’s sun protection line, keep your skin gorgeous and unblemished, away from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Try the Sunblock's SPF 45 fortified with bengkoang that moisturizes, whitens and protects skin. Non-greasy and paraben-free, the lotion goes smoothly with your favorite Snoé Beauty Bar. Snoé also has Suntervention cream with over SPF 80, the ultimate everyday solution to the sun's sinister rays that is easy to put over your other skin regimen like cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

However, the most common and often worst mistake is to not reapply. Sunblock should be sufficient to spread all over and should be done 30 minutes before sun exposure. Reapplication is a must especially for prolonged stays under the sun. Just don’t forget sensitive areas like the nape, shoulders, back of the ears, legs, and behind the knees. When applying on your face, keep the coating smooth and even, and be very careful with the area under your eyes.

Ever heard of sun protection even when indoors or at night? Harmful effects may be reduced when indoors, under protective clothing, or at night but UVA and UVB rays are never really gone. If Suntervention is difficult to spread, Snoé has other options like the Snoé S-Skin BB Vitamin E SPF 30. A moisturizer with added dewy glow, it goes well as a makeup base in different shades, and freshens your face up with a soft, clean scent.

The five - star product of the S-Skin line, however, is the StemCell SPF 30 cream that can also be a mattifying base. It has anti-aging capabilities and not only does it prevent further skin breakdown, it also moisturizes and brightens your complexion, leaving you naturally sun-kissed—not sun-damaged.

Armed with Snoé's beauty arsenal, there's no backing down from the unbearable heat that's hit Manila this year. Go get Snoé at the Snoé kiosks found in your favorite malls.
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