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Yoga is is a generic term for a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline. Though many would associate it to religion, it is not surprising nowadays that people consider Yoga for health benefits. I myself would want to try it. A week ago, I was invited to try one of Surya Fitness and Yoga's classes which is Flex and Tone. It's a 60-minute full-body circuit that combines flexibility and strength training through yoga, pilates, and cardio moves to increase muscle tone and metabolism.

My hands and feet sweat especially when I feel tense, so I found it hard to crawl on the mat with this exercise as I might slip. But no worries, in case something unexpected happens, Surya Fitness and Yoga is located at the fourth floor of the Medicard Lifestyle Center, assuring that medical care is available during emergency.

15 minutes of warmup.
Flex and Tone class is just perfect for me as I want to improve my posture, flexibility and energy as well as increase range of movement and reduce aches and pains, to help me with my running and hiking activities.

Pretty and fit teacher Asha doing the leg warmup.
I did not have any photo of myself in the class as I was alone. (Hmmm..I should have asked someone to take my photos but due to excitement I hesitated!)

This is so difficult for me.
So here, I was only able to take photos of teacher Asha during exercises I was not able to do. I don't remember reaching my feet (hands touching feet as above) since my PE class in elementary. Good thing though, teacher Asha told me that I can still do it by trying my flexibility regularly. She taught me how to do it and understood that it's really difficult especially for a tall woman like me.

If it's your first time you may curse your teacher for doing this to you. Just kidding! It is important to follow instructions, for instance, breathing (inhaling and exhaling in between counts.) As the class may be strenuous, you may not want to sprain your ankle by forcing it.

I did not notice that an hour has lapsed. In fact, I was still looking at the teacher for more instructions. Then, she said, "See you next week!" It always feels good perspiring after an activity.

Fortunately, there is a Sugarleaf Restaurant at the ground floor of the Medicard Lifestyle Building. Here's my reward for sweating myself, food that nourish. I've only eaten 5 chunks and my tummy was already full.

Crab and stick mango, P188
Also, a naturally sweet and refreshing guyabano to quench my thirst.

Organic guyabano juice, P140

I might be writing again about my experience once I decided to take the class every Saturday if my means and schedule permit me to do so. 

Other classes offered by Surya Fitness and Yoga are Basic Yoga, Beginner's Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga, Yinyang Yoga, Pilates, Flex &Tone, Zumba and  Stretch ' Grow.  Rate is P450 per class with P3,500/10 classes package (valid for 2 months) and an unlimited promo of P4,500 (valid for 30 days.) First class is free.

For more information about Surya Fitness and Yoga you can check out their website or check out their Facebook page.

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