My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs For 2012

Two years ago, I was hooked in online contests, giveaways and freebies. I never believed these until the first time I won came. I liked it since the rules were as easy as liking a Facebook fan page and liking/sharing a photo or Facebook status. Then came follow twitter account, tweet/retweet and blog or reblog? That was when I stopped for a while. I've been hearing about the blog word but never really understood the literal meaning of it then. So I followed the instructions, got help from Google and if I'm not mistaken I was able to create my own blog within the day. Whew! It did not appeal to me at first until I have read about ten blogs of different niches. It was kind of envious at first knowing that people get to share their everyday experiences, passion and dreams through blogs. Reading from the comments section I could conclude people can interact in real-time even if they do not personally know each other and how powerful a blog post can be.

There is an unexplained feeling of joy whenever I get to meet a blogger whom I read a blog even once. It's like, it's real..and not just only in writing! So child-mind I..

I decided to join the Top10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012 Writing Project to hopefully be able to meet more bloggers. Here is my list, in no particular order:

1. Maximizing Marriage

Being married, I feel thankful that there is one blog like this dedicated to marriage. The approach may be Christian but the aim, I'm sure like any other beliefs, is to help build marriage through workshops, counseling and the likes. If we have strong marriages, we have strong families.

2. The Purple Doll

I can't help but imagine the writer in purple Cosplay costume. She used to dress up in Cosplay competitions until she found an interest in food. I met her in one of a food tasting event I've attended. It was at a newly opened exotic restaurant then. Though looking at her very young and innocent face I thought she would not eat the Crocs pizza.With attractive photos along with her posts you would think she's a pro photographer. Sharing some gift certificates of every restaurants/establishments she visit through giveaways has made her popular to her readers.

3. So Gelleesh

Very young but can be lined up with famous local fashion bloggers. I think a lot of young Filipinas can relate to her blog because of her confidence. Though she may not be the typical slim type fashionista, she believes fashion is an expression of one's self, whatever your size is. She enjoys doing product reviews and sharing them to her readers.

4. Mom For A Cause

Knowing that a mother has a lot to do than there is time to do them all, it is inspiring to see one blogging for a cause. By simple information, awareness, calling for volunteers and donations, she spreads hope especially in our country that experienced calamities in the past years.

5. Read Me Like A Poem

A general blog about the writer's (poet) take on life, love and poetry. Just like a poem, with rhymes, it has a unique way of being read, told and understood.

6. The Urban Walker

With the heavy traffic in Metro Manila, this blog can be of great help for daily commuters like me. He writes about impacting urban news. I am so looking forward to his posts on comparative statistics and demographics with our neighboring Asian countries.

7. Eccentric Yet Happy

So what if you are eccentric as long as you enjoy doing what and all you want? From lifestyle, entertainment, travel, tech, adventure..she writes about almost everything! She's like 24/7 online.

8. Foydi's Treasure Hunt

As much as I want to travel, I could not. I can only do that at least once in a year to reward myself of a year's labor. Reading this blog not only make me imagine his travels, I also share the excitement of him finding something to share through photos.


A very historical spot and one of Flipino cultural heritage, Intramuros, I'm glad one blog is dedicated to enrich our culture through this initiative.

10. Unsugarcoated Reviews

True and honest reviews are helpful not only to readers but also to the brands.

So that's it, I wish I could add more. This writing project is made possible by Tof Salcedo, Philippine data center, Philippine online shoppingDigitalFilipino Club, Search Profile Index and

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