Pinoy Master Grill Opens in Lagro, Quezon City

Yesterday I was able to try a different kind of fast food that tasted like lutong bahay. Thanks to blogger friend Zheyme for accommodating my request to join them in discovering Pinoy Master Grill's branch in Lagro, Quezon City that will be open to customers on Friday, November 16, 2012.

Just a couple of months ago I kind of developed a bit of an allergy when I eat chicken dishes. Surprising because both husband and I love fried chicken and this is almost the only food we order whenever we eat out on our dates. But I brought my antihistamine with me in case I come across something irresistible. Ha ha..So there you go, I suppose you already know that I was tempted.

On a first look I knew I couldn't resist this grilled chicken, not to mention because I accidentally smelled it while it was on the grill. Thank goodness I did not have any itch afterwards. Do you see how big the cut is? How many cups of rice do you think you can finish? Boy, you must try their chicken oil because its an appetizer. And it's free of charge!

Paired with this dinuguan my palate did not ask for puto. Maybe because I could all taste salty, sweet and sour that's why it's best with rice. Lots of rice!

Uh oh this is our (husband and I) second favorite, lechon liempo. I did not need a Sarsa intensify its taste. So it's a kind of food that I can eat even without ketchup or other sauce, unless I like it spicy I would have eaten it with Tabasco. You bet it's crispy! Munch, munch..

I finished with only 2 cups of rice (I can finish 5!) because I knew there's still time for desert and I still have an appointment afterwards I didn't want to fall asleep. He he..So cina-turon summed all up my tummy and palate requirement for the day. Looked sweet but not so because of cinnamon.

Check out the prices. Watch out for their promo with unlimited rice and refillable iced tea, all for P99 until December 31, 2012.

Pinoy Master Grill was first known in Caloocan City in June 2011. It now has branches in Vito Cruz along Taft Avenue and Lagro, Quezon City. Soon it will open up in Zabarte, Caloocan and Baclaran Parañaque.

After having a chat with one of the proprietors, Mike Tan, I was able to understand the need to come up with a restaurant that would serve truly to its customers. I've eaten in a lot of restaurants that offer unlimited rice/iced tea and I lose my appetite whenever I had to call the staff/crew and wait too long for the refill. So this is a challenge for Pinoy Master Grill, with its slogan, Swak na sa lasa, Swak pa sa bulsa! Mike believes that with the value of money they pay, customers must be satisfied with the food and service given to them. Mike, though not a chef, is a food lover so he was able to come up with the recipes he believe customers would love.The taste of a home-cooked food.

For more information you can check out their Facebook page.
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