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It's my birthday! Yey!

Yesterday was a fun afternoon spent with blogger friends together with the adventure of making fondant cakes. Yes, fondant cakes that I used to see in awe on TV screens, those perfectly handcrafted and designed cakes I wouldn't want to dare touch nor eat for fear of losing its beauty.

When we arrived at The Cookery Place, cake base, buttercream and baking tools were ready in sets of four for us to start. I was kind of hesitant at first touching the spatula, told myself I'd just be an spectator and take pictures.

Chef Jan Viray accommodated us all. Here she explains the use of fondarific, with 14 rich gourmet flavors for our fondant cakes, how easy it is to make especially for beginners.

This is the pre-baked cake base. Chef Jan explains that top and bottom should be flat and smooth enough so it would be easy to cover it with buttercream and fondant.

Just to make sure we do not miss a detail..

Chef Jan showing us how to perfectly cover the cake base. Looks easy but I tell you I almost surrendered, my hands were shaking.

My partner did this while I did the other 3 small ones. Turned out the small ones were the hardest to coat.
Other bloggers seem to work fast..

while here, my partner Edel of The Kitchen Goddess Files is seriously working on our fondant. I wonder why when it was my turn on the rolling pin, seemed like my hands were rolling and not the pin. I let my partner do it.

While everyone else is busy, Chef Jan heats the Make N Mold candy wafers. This is going to be used for our cake pops.

Look how many flavors to choose from:

These are LorAnn Bakery Emulsions which are water-based alternatives to baking extracts and can also be used for cookies, muffins, brownies and sweet breads.

There are also LorAnn Oils and flavors which are about 3 to 4 times stronger than alcohol-based extract flavorings and can be used in real chocolate and chocolate coating or candy melts. We used chocolate and coffee for our cake base coating.

Some are already doing fondant of different colors for design while my partner and I are still thinking on what to decorate our fondant cakes with. Frankly, I am not an art person, so you would guess by now I'd be making a plain fondant cake. Well..

here are our finished products! I couldn't imagine we did these. I thought we would just be finishing with a plain white fondant layered cakes. Ha ha..

Our cake pops!

And everybody's work! Look how colorful!
I called this experience my 'event' of the year because it's in-timing of my birthday, I really enjoyed despite the aching back and most of all the appreciation of cakes, how hard it is to make one. So next time I'm going to eat one, I'll reminisce before my first bite. I've never had a cake on my birthday. Thankful to Bake Essence they let us take home the cakes we made. And since it's my day my partner let me take home the big one. Special thanks goes to Leira for the invited.
Fondarific, LorAnn and Make N Mold are imported from the USA and locally distributed by Bake Essentials. For inquiries you can call +63 2 986 41 91 or check out their Facebook page.
Since I got to take home few of the products I can try making another one at home. I'm sure the kids would be delighted especially if I'd ask them to help me. Would post our adventure during the holidays!
Live it up!
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