My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013

Another year has passed and it's now again time to identify and recognize new and emerging blogs that are making an impact to its readers in 2013.

I've come up with my list, some of the writers I was able to meet in events and hope to meet new others in the future.

Here are they in no particular order:

The Posh Traveller

  • A young travel blog that features personal travel adventures that may look luxurious in the photos but in-fact affordable travels. 

Definitely Librarian

  • With the new media today it’s important that we do not forget our libraries. Be the information is in traditional books or online, we should be able to keep a library of our collection for future use of the next generation.

A Non Techie Mom Blog

  • Mothers are the busiest! In a world where technology has become a way of life, this blog helps mothers cope up in a fast paced ever changing technology.


  • There are only very few blogs that are proud to showcase our being Filipino. Our new generation may have a little understanding of our heritage. This blog helps them through its regular trivia that are both informative and entertaining.

Business What Ifs

  • What’s good about reading a business blog like this is that you don’t get bored with a long article especially if you have just tried on a business venture and/or trying other possible sources of income.

Online Jobs Lifestyle

  • I remember when I rested from the corporate world I was trying to search for online opportunities. I get frustrated when I end up on links that links to other links. This blog helps those aspiring work-at-home individuals through awareness, guidance and coaching about available jobs online nowadays.

San Josenyong Gala

  • It’s nice to know there is someone interested featuring less-known towns in the country. Hope I can join the writer in one oh his adventures.

Wazzup Pilipinas

  • Quite new blog but has gained a lot of attention be it from the bloggers themselves or from the PR and brands. A community blog that helps out other bloggers to see opportunities and benefit from them.

The Conservative Wife

  • I salute this writer for the courage of being able to write her beliefs even if it may result in disagreements and contradictions.

Sarap Pinoy

  • Another food blog that features proud Pinoy food recipes. It also features fusion since Filipino food may have been influenced by other countries who have conquered us in the past.

So there goes my list. I am so looking forward to see new blogs of new interests. Thanks to this writing project which is now on its 7th year and would not have been possible this year without the help of Optimind SEO Company, Infinity Hub, E-Commerce Boot Camp, and Digital Influencer Boot Camp.

Looking forward to next year’s writing project!


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