Siklab: Where Filipino Food Is Worth Dining For

There is much to be proud of when you are a Filipino. Ee have conquered the world stage when it comes to sports, music, and entertainment. And although Filipino food is not as resonant globally as are dishes from our Asian counterparts, we have still managed to excel, with the first female and Asian Executive Chef of the White House being what else, but Pinay.

If there is one thing Filipinos are known for, more than our love for music, is our explosive love for our own food. Which is why The Bistro Group, home of the country’s top chain of restaurants, now presents Siklab, where Filipino food is worth dining for.

Siklab’s first branch is located at the third level of Greenbelt 3 in Makati. When you step inside, you are welcomed by cozy wooden interiors reminiscent of Filipino homes. And the first whiff of food emanating from the kitchen is the first signal of an eating experience familiar to Pinoy foodies constantly craving home comfort but seeking the next level in Filipino dining.

Each dish was meticulously crafted by The Bistro Group Corporate Chef Josh Boutwood, who pays homage to local culinary regions through locally sourced ingredients, region-specific cooking techniques, and playful presentations that are a feast on the eyes before they invade your palate.

This is not the place to go on a diet, as each serving is good for sharing, as is the wont of the Filipino food tradition. Start your meal with a healthy plate of salad greens not found on any Western menu. Featuring local staples such as kangkong, pako, or green mangoes, these are greens as fiery as fiesta colors.

You can also choose to go for unique Siklab starters such as local escargot or Kuhol sa Gata, and even shrimp tipsy to a T with Nilasing na Hipon. If a warm bellow is what you’re after, share a bowl of simmering soups from the tangy choices of Sinigang na Bangus Belly, sa Miso, or Baka, to the comforting richness of Bulalo.

The diet-busting mains range from pork, beef, seafood, and even vegetables. Get one each to get your fill, starting with the Crispy Binagoongan, the Kare Kare, Pinaputok na Tilapia, topped of by Pinakbet. Of course any Filipino meal is incomplete without rice, and the selections at Siklab go beyond white. From Black Rice made with squid ink to the yellow hue of crab fat in Aligue Rice, these are carbs worth ordering.

And finally, enjoy Filipino desserts served up unlike any other. Ube, banana or keso Ice Cream Scoops are served up on unique bamboo sections, while Turon 2.0 is an explosive taste of a banana compote amped up with banana ice cream on caramelized cones.

So come on down and enjoy the explosion of flavors at Siklab. Taste for yourself Filipino food that is truly worth dining for.
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