My Daughter's Progress on Merlene Math

I find it creative and strategic when my daughter uses bar model to solve Math problems. So this is Merlene Math! If only we were taught of this way in elementary it would have been much easier. After her first session 3 weeks ago, I was proud she was able to answer all problems correctly as instructed. Only that she needs more time to finish. She was always given homework after each session to validate retention of concepts learned. By the way, she's in third grade and each coming session she's equally excited to attend. She started on Word Problem Addition, then Subtraction, from simple to a more complex, which requires analysis.

I always check her work and discuss with her items she was not able to solve correctly at first try. Sometimes, when she asks me for help I would initially solve it algebraically. He he..Sorry but Algebra is my favorite! But of course I had to learn what was taught of her so I would also be able to teach and help her. So it's mother and daughter learning the Merlene Math way!

So far, after 6 sessions I think she solves problems faster and more accurate than before she started with the Merlene Math Enrichment Program. I do not expect so much because I believe learning takes time and should be continuous but I am so looking forward for her to excel in everything that she does with passion. She wants to become a scientist so I told her she has to be at least good in Math because Science also uses formulas. With Merlene Math, she's starting to build a foundation for reaching her dream.

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