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Buying new pair of shoes may be a hobby for some of us. For some it could only be a dream. How often do you use each of the pair of shoes you have? It is not very seldom to hear and see people collecting them and not wearing at all. Some would only leave them in their boxes and stare at each pair with amazement. Well, for any reasons we may have in buying, having and dreaming any kind of shoes, Flipclan and Urban Athletics  are very generous to have come up with this contest. One could win a pair of Radii shoes of any kind.

Check out the simple mechanics:

You can be a lucky winner of a Radii Shoes From and Urban Athletics.
Contest Details:
  1. This contest is open to all Bloggers who have at least 3 months of blogging and are permanent residents of the Philippines.
  2. Bloggers will make a blog entry about Urban Athletics and why should Urban Athletics choose you to have a new pair of shoes.
  3. Your post should have two anchor text one is Urban Athletics and Pinoy Urban Music.
  4. It requires also that you like Urban Athletics and on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Post your entry at Urban Athletics Facebook page, also post it on your twitter with the hashtag #Radii and mention @urbanathletic and @flipclandotcom.
Contest Period: October 24 to November 18, 2011
Submission of Entries Deadline: 11:59 PM of November 18
1 Pair of Any Radii Shoes
“Remember guys youR post my be creative and original”

Urban Athletics should choose me to have new pair of shoes because I deserve to. Being a mother to two kids, having a full time job and blogging as an outlet to vent out stress, I need a pair of shoes that would support my everyday needs as I always go out, from work to home to events and the like, and boy, am loving the commute. I believe that Radii shoes is perfect for an outdoor (most of the time) person like me.
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