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New parents these days are lucky to have so many support groups to depend on whenever they encounter hitches in rearing their child. WeLuvMoms, a unique community and an inspired source of information for the modern Mom’s frenetic lifestyle, will be her indispensible ally in raising the baby to his—or her—healthiest potential. From the best feeding systems to the perfect baby’s accessory, We Luv Moms have the best products from the best brands that the working modern Mom of today will truly love.

Breastfeeding is an important factor in nourishing your baby as it provides ideal nourishment and a special bonding experience that both baby and mom will take great delight in. It may sound and look easy but actually, many new Moms encounter exasperation breastfeeding. Some new Moms find it hard to get started, while others stumble upon problems later on.

One common problem that new Moms face is the proper positioning of the baby while breastfeeding. It is important to find the proper position so that both Mom and baby are comfortable. Gia, the angled breastfeeding pillow from Simplisse may just be the solution to this breastfeeding dilemma that new Moms face. Gia promotes angled feeding which helps babies’ digestion and reduces reflux and other feeding problems. Its wider and flatter pillow surface helps prevent baby from rolling down because the uniquely-shaped pillow’s patented, non-flat design positions baby at an incline. Both Mom and baby will definitely benefit from Gia’s exceptional design.

For working Moms (and even Dads), nothing beats coming home to spend time with their little bundle of joy. So while playing with your baby, you try to see the future for your child while growing up and you ask yourself “are we giving our child the proper nutrition that his young body so richly deserves?” Good thing there are products that will help Moms and Dads build the proper nutrition foundation for their child. And this is where Dr. Brown’s Designed to Nourish™ products come into play.

In partnership with infant nutritionists—and of course, with Moms themselves—Dr. Brown’s came up with Designed to Nourish™, a complete solid feeding system that consists of kid-friendly items such as plates, training cups, bowls and utensils. There is also a puree masher, snack and dipping cups, plus storage pods and storage labels that were designed to help Moms and Dads prepare and store their little one’s food easier and more manageable so they could give it more focus despite their busy professional and personal lifestyles. This goes to show that Dr. Brown’s Designed to Nourish™ system has taken every careful step to make sure that the child’s nutrition and health at this stage in his or her early life is assured, from the preparation to feeding and even storage.

As baby grows and is ready to take in solid food, what better way to enjoy food with these jucilicious colors of Boon’s visually enticing feast of eye-catching products. In delicious color combinations of blue raspberry, grape, kiwi, orange, berry cream, coconut, and cherry, Boon’s baby gears are something to stare at. All these delightful products for babies and toddlers are specially created to help parents all over the world become best nurturers that they can be. And with WeLuvMoms, parenting is a breeze with all the innovative solutions and effective products the community provides.

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