Jennifer Lynn Gel Nail Polish at Nailandia

I'd say this was a post Mother's Day treat for me. I was given a chance to experience the service of the newest nail studio and body spa in Quezon City area. After a very busy workweek I went to try Nailandia's Jennifer Lynn Gel Nail Polish, Foot Scrub with massage and the 30-minute Foot Reflexology.

I wondered what a gel nail polish was.

Warm welcome at the reception.

Very relaxing to the eyes. Why do I love the shades of green?
Looks like a living room.

Some products display.
Green tea while waiting to be served.
Hands soaked in lukewarm water before the manicure.

This is what I call multi-tasking!

Foot scrub and massage.
Is that mint? Cool.
15 minutes relaxation after scrub and massage.
Nail polish application.
Foot reflexology.  A bit painful but felt good afterwards.

Coating for protection.
120 seconds for drying.
I did it three times for each hand.
Jennifer Lynn gel nail polish colors.
Misa nail polish variety of colors.

Nailandia nail art polish designs.
Orly nail polish color choices.
Thank you so much for accommodating me. 

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