Sa Tiger Energy, Delicious at Nutritious ang Pinapabaon mo!

Moms, tama ba ang pabaon mo? Are you sure you are not taking snacks for granted?

A qualitative research commissioned by Kraft Foods Philippines shows that moms only give importance to the 3 main meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner while snacks are left behind; leaving their children to choose whatever it is they want to snack on. But, what moms should know is that snacking is just as important as the regular meals they give throughout the day.

According to the 7th National Nutrition Survey conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI – DOST), only 21.5 percent meet or almost 4 out of 5 Filipino kids ages 6-12 do not meet their daily energy needs. According to the survey, under nutrition is a concern that, if not addressed, could lead to a weak immune system, poor growth and development and various micro nutrient deficiencies. In addition, under nutrition can lead to poor school performance of kids. Therefore, it is important that we provide our children with healthy and nutritious food not only to help boost their energy throughout the day but to help them achieve their aspirations in the future.

The quantitative research commissioned by Kraft Foods Philippines shows that biscuit is the most consumed snack item among kids aged 6-12. That’s why moms should always make sure that the biscuits they serve to their kids are delicious and nutritious.

Recently, Tiger Energy Biscuits brought to light issues regarding the importance of providing nutritious baon for kids and the effects of poor nutrition on school performance in a discussion hosted by the brand in collaboration with the Bulong Pulungan Media Forum. During the event, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology was also on hand to provide insightful survey data on the nutritional status of Pinoy children.

The forum highlighted interesting insights for mothers who want the best for their children.

A mother’s desire is for her children to perform well in school in order for them to fulfill their dreams. However, to realize that goal, kids need proper nutrition to become healthy, strong, and well-rounded individuals. Tiger Energy Biscuits can help kids get their daily energy and nutrition requirements.

Tiger Energy is a great baon because it is delicious and nutritious, made of wheat, has milk and is fortified with Enermaxx. This is a combination of nine vitamins and six minerals that help your kids meet their daily nutrition needs and help give your child an energy boost for his busy day

With school just around the corner, mothers have a lot to consider in preparing their kids for a new academic year, but Tiger Energy Biscuits can help take care of one concern: delicious nutrition. Therefore, when choosing the right baon for kids, make sure it is delicious and nutritious— like Tiger Energy Biscuits.

So moms, let’s take a stand and join Tiger Energy’s mission in fighting poor nutrition and poor school performance in the country. Let us help our kids to stay healthy and active so that they can give their best in school. Sa Tiger, delicious at nutritious ang pinapabaon mo!

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