Sadako Is Back! Exclusive on SM Cinemas At 20-50% Off The Ticket Price

Last night, I went to SM Marikina for an advance screening of one of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

Who would not remember Sadako? Every time we see women with long and almost uncombed hair we imagine scary scenes from The Ring 1 and 2.

Ring 3 brings back Sadako through Kashiwada's evil intention of resurrecting her. He created a cursed video (noroi no douga) of his suicide where he expressly stated S is coming back and everyone who sees it dies.

The video became viral on the internet searches but the links could not be found as the content may have been removed from the server. The rumors (uwasa) of the cursed video spread out so fast as teenagers who have the most access to the internet continue to search for it to see for themselves. Akane, a high school teacher did not believe until one of her students died after watching the video. She asked the help of his techy friend Enoki to research and find out about the cursed video and the truth behind it.

Meanwhile, with the help of the police's investigation and Akane's extraordinary gift, she will try to save her live-in partner Takanori from the vengeance of Kashiwada, whose hatred rooted from rejection and the like. He believed that the resurrection of S would be his revenge for all the hurt he had gone through.

The Ring 3: Sadako is directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa, and was based on the novel "S" by the "Ring" original creator Koji Suzuki. The casts are Satomi Ishihara, Ryosei Tayama, Yusuke Yamamoto and Koji Seto. The Ring franchise has shown much strength in its movies as the first installment, directed by Gore Verbinski (of the Pirates of the Caribbean films) and starring Naomi Watts, earned an impressive $249.3 million worldwide in 2002. In its sequel, The Ring Two directed by Hideo Nakata, Watts reprised her role and earned $161.5 million in 2005.

For The Ring 3: Sadako moviegoers, SM Cinema will give 50% off on movie price for e-PLUS members. BDO Shopmore Credit Card holders get 25% discount on ticket. SM Advantage Card, Prestige Card, BDO Rewards Card and Global Pinoy Card holders get 20% off on movie price.

For me, this is not as scary as the first (The Ring 1) but have the same morale; to accept people as they are, may he way different from the norm.

Check out the following trailer:

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